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Turn Leads Into Members With Flex Engine

Could you handle 100x more booked tours? Flex Engine has everything you need to scale marketing, put sales on autopilot, and turn more leads into members. Whether you’ll process 100 leads or 10,000 leads this month – Flex Engine has you covered.

Trusted By The Global Workspace Association
Proven Sales Funnels
Fully-Automated CRM Tool
Universal Chat Inbox
Community Membership Area
Reputation and NPS Tools
Comprehensive Analytics Suite

World Class Operators Love Flex Engine

Whether you self-manage one location or your company operates ten, our crm for coworking space is incredibly flexible to fit your unique needs. See how Miranda, Peter and Barbara have benefited from using our software below.

Miranda Stewart

Global Workspace Association

"We boosted our ARR by $10,000 with email campaigns and funnels"

David Walker

Coworking Consulting

"It’s industry leading. It’s brilliant. There’s nothing out there like it"

Barbara Sprenger

Satellite Workplaces

"Flex Engine helped us convert 31% of our workspace visits to sales"

Leads Generated
0 +

Revenue Driven
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Active Opportunities
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So, Why Flex Engine?

Let’s face it — a business without leads is like a party without guests. That doesn’t sound very fun.

That’s Where Flex Engine Comes In.

Flex Engine is an intuitive system that get your dream customers to go from your website into your coworking space with their credit cards in hand!

This graphic demonstrates the AI features in our coworking CRM

Flex Engine Makes Marketing Marvelous

What happens between first contact and close makes the difference between the 99% of operators that struggle with marketing and the 1% that dominate!

Without Flex Engine

With Flex Engine

Swipe The Systems. Skip The Setup.

Your #Flexpert era is now with everything you need to elevate your customer journey, enhance your member experience, and convert clicks to cash, all in one place. Now accessible for all.

Graphic showing the sorting features in our crm for coworking space owners and operators
Dive Into Leads' Minds

Capture key information and give the perfect pitch every time using our proven Level-Up Lead Funnel™ that transforms curious site visitors into hot prospects.​

Graphic showing the flow chart of leads in our crm for coworking space owners
Make Measuring Easy

Get an instant snapshot of your sales journey, from the first hello to the final handshake. Now, you can easily measure across locations, channels, and more!​

Graphic showing the lead assignment in our coworking crm
Manage Multi-Location

Flex Engine automatically sorts, assigns, and manages every lead so that juggling opportunities between multiple locations and sales reps is easy and seamless.

Graphic showing all of the other software apps that Flex Engine replaces
Replace Dozens of Apps

No more app chaos. Flex Engine brings everything you need for marketing and sales into one central platform, so you can focus on what you do best: building your community and scaling your business!

Graphic showing the support available on Flex Engine from our integration specialists
Easy For Everyone

Imagine a world where your team and your tech dance in harmony. Flex Engine is the app every community manager wishes for, helping them stay organized without learning lots of new systems.

Graphic showing the conversations tab in our coworking crm
One Place For All Chats

Switching between tabs is a thing of the past. Now, every message, from every platform, lives in one place so you can always pick up where you left off.

Graphic showing all of the software integrations available in our integrated coworking crm
Sync With Success

Experience the beauty of connection as Flex Engine bridges the gaps between your CRM and your favorite coworking app, so you never lose a lead again.

Graphic showing the ways AI can be integrated in our crm for coworking space operators
Supercharged by AI

Meet Evelyn — Flex Engine’s AI community manager. From booking tours to FAQs, experience 100% accurate AI messaging across your enterprise.

Image of Leticia Bonomo, a happy customer of our coworking crm

“The new platform has been very helpful for our business, The BenchSpace. The phone system and automatic messages save a lot of time when it comes to getting in touch with prospective members.”

Leticia Bonomo

The BenchSpace

The All-In-One Coworking CRM

See Everything Flex Engine Offers

Manage opportunities with Flex Engine’s automatic pipeline management tools and CRM

Get proven sales funnels and nurture sequences automatically tailored to your brand from Day 1

Build websites and landing pages in record time with our easy-to-use drag-and-drop site builder

Create powerful forms and surveys with conditional logic, merge fields, and easy styling

Make every email a masterpiece with our drag-and-drop visual email builder and A/B testing tools

Text one-on-one with members and prospects, or send text blasts to your entire list with 2-way SMS

Master online scheduling with multiple calendar types, visual designs, and advanced logic

Take your leads to go and manage your coworking space with our full-featured mobile app

Track call sources, play back recordings, and send callers to the right place with phone trees (IVR)

Automatically collect and respond to reviews online, and measure member satisfaction with NPS

Create private discussion boards, message channels, and resource areas in your own branded app

Plan your content calendar and schedule posts across LinkedIn, TikTok, GMB, FB/IG, and Twitter

Simplify your sales with contracts, automatic invoices, subscriptions, ACH or Stripe, and Quickbooks

Embed our chat widget on your site and watch your leads soar with live chat over web or SMS

Manage your inbox and calendar wherever you like with 2-way sync for both Google and Outlook

Connect your apps and create powerful workflows that automate your day-to-day tasks and save 10 hours per week

Give your members unique referral links and automatically reward them for referring friends to your coworking space

Supercharge your marketing with our AI toolkit that helps you write better social media posts, blog posts, texts, and emails

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We'll Build Your CRM For FREE. Only pay if you like it.

What’s the hardest part about most coworking apps?

Setting them up.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever spent the whole day trying to set up a new app and completely forgot all of your actual to-do’s… 🙋

You deserve something better.

With Flex Engine, you’ll not only get a full-featured CRM that replaces HubSpot, DocuSign, Calendly, and more with one app…

…But also, if you signup before July 31, 2024 we’ll build out your entire CRM for FREE  only pay if you like it.

You’ll get sales funnels, follow-up campaigns, workflows, pipelines, calendars, surveys, and an AI chat widget all made just for you…

…Plus: our unconditional 30-day money back guarantee!

Click below to chat with a live agent about getting started now.

Trusted By The Global Workspace Association
7-Day FREE Coworking CRM Trial
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+ FREE Onboarding Session
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+ FREE Trial Credits
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Total Value: $3,196
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Trusted By The Global Workspace Association

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Want To Hear What Operators Like Yourself Have To Say About Flex Engine?

Here You Go…

Peter Chee


Barbara Sprenger

Satellite Workplaces

Leticia Bonomo

The BenchSpace

Brandon Warren

Bloom Workspaces

Ravi Kahan

Imagine Coworking

Bo Peng

Mango Space

Trusted By The Global Workspace Association

Frequently Asked Questions

For smaller operators, Flex Engine can absolutely replace your coworking app. Larger operators will likely require the reservation and accounting features provided by a dedicated workspace management application.

Flex Engine can be integrated natively with the most common business and social media softwares! Flex Engine CRM also has 5,000+ integrations, including with most coworking space softwares, through Zapier. Click here to learn more. Click here to learn more.

Yes! After you start your 7-day free trial, you will immediately be taken through our 30-Minute Quick Start guide and gain access to our Training Room, where you can watch software guides, schedule onboarding, and get support. All plans also include live chat support 24/7, and Pro plans include Zoom support.

Our Flex Engine CRM is the most feature-rich CRM in the coworking industry. We value the customer the most, our coworking CRM system is the only one to include a 30-day money back guarantee.

Our crm system allows a customer on any of our plans to have unlimited members. For managing member and customer interactions between multiple physical spaces or locations, we have special plans for multi-location operators. On these plans, one of our integration specialists will help you setup your crm system to gather insights on your sales process, analytics across all locations, and setup any integrations you require with other apps or people on your team. Our integration specialists will help you integrate most coworking apps, as well as automate your most-desired features to ensure your coworking space management is efficient.

As many as you like! Flex Engine is the only coworking CRM to offer unrestricted email sending and unlimited contacts. With our coworking software, you can spend your credits on the services and interactions with members that work the best for your coworking space.

Yes! Flex Engine CRM is the only coworking app to offer an unconditional 100% 30-day money-back guarantee. Try us out risk-free for 30 days now! Any additional credits purchased are non-refundable. Click here for our guarantee terms.

We can help! Click here to view our entire list of FAQs. You can also click here to contact us. Use our chat widget to get in touch with a customer support agent immediately. For platform support, please either fill out our “Get Support” form inside Flex Engine or schedule a Zoom call if you have the Pro license. For billing questions, please submit the “Get Support” form inside of Flex Engine or email [email protected].

Have other questions? Click here to contact us