Feature List

Flex Engine has everything you need to automate your coworking space


Manage opportunities with Flex Engine’s automatic pipeline management tools and CRM

Quickly view your number of new leads, the value of those leads, and your conversion rate over a period of time.

Keep track of where leads are in your sales funnel and measure throughput at each step of the journey.

Assign follow-up tasks to your community managers to remind them to work their leads!

Take advantage of Flex Engine’s power dialer with manual actions for phone calls and text messages

Get a detailed breakdown of every marketing channel so you can see exactly where your closed deals are coming from.

Place outbound calls directly from inside the CRM while viewing a contact, opportunity, or managing your marketing.

You’ll never miss a lead with real-time alerts from Flex Engine across email, text message, and app notifications


Manage opportunities with Flex Engine’s automatic pipeline management tools and CRM

Universal inbox combines all threads into one so you can message leads across every channel, or even multiple at once

Star important threads or hot leads so that you can quickly re-open their conversations later on

Filter conversations by assigned user, last message direction, last message type, and messaging channels

See activity such as booked tours in the same thread as messages to track exactly when leads made critical decisions

Build the perfect reply in our message composer with templates, file uploader, scheduler, and “From Name” customizer

Save time by creating canned responses for common questions that can easily be pasted in and customized before sending

Track which contacts click on your links, when they click, and where they click from with the magic of trigger links

2-way sync makes adopting Flex Engine easier by syncing emails sent within Gmail/Outlook with Flex Engine and vice versa


Manage opportunities with Flex Engine’s automatic pipeline management tools and CRM

Keep track of all booked tours and other meetings, and filter by community manager or location, against a calendar

View a list of all of your booked tours, along with their timestamp and community manager, in one place

Simple calendars are perfect for booking equipment or meeting rooms when community manager distribution is optional

Round robin calendars can be used to assign community managers based on available work hours or custom weighting

Class booking calendars are perfect for event signups when multiple people need to put the same time on their calendar

Collective calendars allow one person to reserve time on multiple staff calendars, only when all parties are available

Make multiple booking options, such as various coworking locations or equipment rentals, available to book in one widget

Set global rules for all calendars such as availability and meeting location in one place

Connect Stripe to your calendar and charge a customizable one-time fee to confirm bookings, perfect for paid day passes

Connect your Google Business Profile to Flex Engine and allow direct bookings from search (and pay zero commissions)

Customize the questions you ask before someone can book a tour or day pass, and even include gifs in the booking process

Build your branded calendar widget by customizing the colors, images, button, and widget style for all bookings

Build your own booking confirmation email so your visitors receive all of the information they need before they arrive

Community managers or visitors can invite guests, who can receive the same customized form and/or confirmation email

Turn on 1-way or 2-way sync with Google, Outlook, or iCloud and keep all of your meetings up-to-date everywhere


Manage opportunities with Flex Engine’s automatic pipeline management tools and CRM

Segment and save customizable lists of leads and members based on 100’s of different data points

Save time sorting, messaging, or adding groups of contacts to workflows with bulk actions

Accidentally deleted the wrong contact? Now, you can quickly and easily restore all of their data in 30 seconds

Company objects allow you to automatically group contacts together and create shared tasks or notes by company name

Easily share your smart lists with specific team members or with your entire organization with list sharing permissions

See website activity, messages, contact data, opportunity info, appointments, and private notes for individual contacts

See every page someone visited before filling out a form/chat widget or placing a phone call from your site

Flex Engine supports UTM parameters, allowing you to maximize your conversion tracking across all marketing campaigns

Notes help you keep written records of your conversations/opportunities so that anybody can pick up where you left off

Every contact has customizable DND settings for outbound/inbound channels so you can text in compliance and manage pests

Use tags to segment your contacts, trigger workflows, and easily measure campaign performance

Upload your own PDFs and create legally binding contracts that can be stored on the contact’s profile in your CRM

Build one-off or recurring products and invoices with customizable coupons and setup fees inside Flex Engine

Audit log keeps a record of all actions taken in the CRM so that you can diagnose exactly why things occurred


Manage opportunities with Flex Engine’s automatic pipeline management tools and CRM

Flex Engine automatically updates each contacts’ opportunity stages, even if you forget, to save you time

Create new sales pipelines for unique channels, products, or locations and define their key stages with pipeline manager

Opportunities manager allows you to display, sort, and filter all of your opportunities kanban style by status and stage

Assign multiple community managers as opportunity followers for leads exploring different locations or workspaces

Opportunity fields allow you to store multiple entries per field on one contact, e.g. revenue from multiple reservations

Find your most recent and most valuable opportunities by filtering and sorting the cards in your pipeline

Export your pipeline in CSV format for easy spreadsheet records or for use in other analytics applications


Manage opportunities with Flex Engine’s automatic pipeline management tools and CRM

Build and send professional invoices with your desired terms in a matter of minutes with our powerful invoice builder

Design recurring invoices that are automatically sent or charged on your desired terms using recurring invoices

Create new contracts or upload existing ones and use them automatically in workflows with contract templates

Our e-signature tool captures all of the information you need at signing to ensure your document is legally binding

Create products, subscriptions, set-up fees, and coupons and connect them in Stripe automatically with products manager

View the orders from all of your sales funnels and websites in an easy-to-read list format under the orders tab

View all recurring subscriptions and payment statuses in one list, great for tracking membership payments

See all the payments you collected on this comprehensive of transactions processed through Flex Engine

Create coupons on your own terms, with usage limits and recurring limits, with our coupon builder

Ensure a seamless customer journey by automatically sending customizable receipts to contacts after they purchase

Collect taxes on your physical or digital products with tax settings inside Flex Engine

Securely collect payments via Stripe, ACH through Authorize.net, NMi, or PayPal with Flex Engine


Manage opportunities with Flex Engine’s automatic pipeline management tools and CRM

Create, customize, approve, schedule, and track engagement on your content across every social media platform

Plan your social media strategy effortlessly by viewing all of your scheduled posts against your content calendar

Group your social media accounts for easy cross-posting on multiple platforms at once

Setup automatic cross-posting of new Google and Facebook reviews on your social media platforms

Automatically post to your social media platforms from an RSS feed, perfect for cross-posting your blog content

Make bulk scheduling easy by uploading posts from a CSV file and adding them directly to your content calendar

Ensure your perfect brand positioning by approving posts created by your team members before they go out

Create stunning emails using our visual email builder, with unique custom elements and responsiveness

Your emails will look good on every device when you create emails with unique mobile and desktop elements

Importing email templates from other platforms? Do it in only a few clicks with our HTML-based email builder

Sending email campaigns is easier with templates, which allow you to save your favorite designs for repeated use

The unsubscribe workflow captures valuable feedback from your email readers before they unsubscribe

Customize email timing and quantities effortlessly with Flex Engine’s batching and scheduling features

Automatically share new blog posts to your email list by setting up automatic emails from an RSS feed

Improve your email conversions with A/B testing of subject lines and email content for maximum open rates & click rates

Make it easier for members to invite their friends by creating automatic affiliate campaigns inside Flex Engine

Reward your members easily with automatic commission tracking to tell you how much credit they’ve earned

Per-product commissions allow you to set different commissions for office, desk, and virtual plan referrals

Choose your payout schedule with net-15, net-30, or net-60 terms for payouts after completed referrals

Incentivize even more referrals with a 2-tiered structure that lets members to get paid out on their referrals referrals

Simplify bookkeeping and sleep easy knowing that commissions must be manually approved and paid out to prevent spam

Protect your brand guidelines by creating a shared media library for your affiliates to ensure consistent messaging

Create multiple different affiliate campaigns for different promotions, businesses, or types of workspaces


Manage opportunities with Flex Engine’s automatic pipeline management tools and CRM

Save time and connect any of Flex Engine’s tools with powerful automations using our workflow builder

Easily organize your various workflows using folders to separate different functions and systems

Our ready-to-use workflows and pre-installed templates save you lots of time from trial and error

Customize when your workflows fire using configurable timezone settings and set restricted windows throughout the week

Turn on stop on reply to end your workflow when a prospect replies, perfect for nudge and outreach sequences

Track every user that’s been enrolled in your workflows under the enrollment history tab

Track every successful or failed workflow step that have been taken by all users under the execution logs tab

Save workflows as drafts and come back to them later, or use drafts to prevent new contacts from entering live workflows

Quickly undo mistakes and revert back to old versions of workflows with version history inside the workflow builder

Efficiently route calls, reduce spam, and guide callers with interactive voice responses (phone trees)

External systems can automatically send data into Flex Engine using various HTTP request methods like GET, POST, and PUT

Record contact data easily in Google Sheets without the need for a Zap or webhook through our direct integration

Use Slack in workflows to automatically notify your team when new leads enter your system

Reformat date and time structures for advanced use cases in workflows using the formatter step

Use the create array action in the workflow builder to process complex data tasks for seamless and efficient automations

Avoid system overload using the drip action to regulate how frequently contacts enter workflows

Use ChatGPT in workflows with endless possibilites, such as messaging, lead qualification, or analysis of contact data

Track your outbound communication stats in workflows by enabling stats view to see how contacts engage at each step

Our workflow builder has over 55 unique triggers for you to create fully-customized automations

With 70+ different actions, you can build marketing, sales, or operations automations to run your entire coworking space


Manage opportunities with Flex Engine’s automatic pipeline management tools and CRM

Build dynamic landing pages, marketing funnels, and websites using our easy drag-and-drop builder

Compare different headlines, promotions, or landing pages with A/B testing in funnels

Capture more leads with our 2-step order form that lets you capture a prospect’s info before they can see your price

Increase your average MRR per member with 1-click upsells and order bumps, perfect for add-on products or services

Want to watch the whole video? Enter your info to continue. Perfect for creating virtual tours of your coworking space

Increase urgency on your landing pages with countdown timers to indicate the end of an ongoing promotion or special

Use exit popups to display last-attempt messages to site visitors before they exit, great for bonus offers

Build the perfect webpage with over 25 unique and customizable elements to choose from

Easily customize your webpages for mobile and desktop with the responsive editor and customizable element configurations

Customize metadata and create site maps with SEO settings for every funnel and website you create

Monitor traffic flow from the top of your funnel to the bottom with page-by-page stats in funnels and websites

Ensure GDPR compliance with GDPR friendly fonts and forms in Flex Engine’s funnel and website builder

Test mode lets you test your order forms and payment automations with dummy card info before turning them live

Undo mistakes easily by checking your funnel or website’s version history and reverting back to your favorite editions

Stores allow you to create familiar-feeling eCommerce storefronts with cards, quantities, and more

Create blog posts on your Flex Engine-hosted website to increase your search engine rankings and provide value

Create a portal inside Flex Engine for all of your members to get announcements, chat, and access their affiliate info

Keep track of where leads are in your sales funnel and measure throughput at each step of the journey.

Give members the option to receive a magic link in their email that lets them login with 1-click, no password required

Create engaging forms to be embdedded anywhere using our visual form builder and style settings

Build interactive surveys to capture more information and qualify prospects using our visual survey builder

Conditional logic lets you customize the post-form submission action based on the contact’s submission or existing info

Quickly find and filter form and survey responses by date and form/survey submitted in your submissions table

Track powerful analytics such as most common days and most common referrers to see when and where submissions come from

Build a chat widget for your website with custom image, greeting, contact fields, and interaction style

Impress your members and guests with a custom return greeting from your chat widget for repeat visitors

Setup your chat widget to capture contact info for future email/sms chat, recommended for 99% of community managers

Let visitors chat with you live, without leaving your website. Only recommended for power users

Store your images and videos in the Flex Engine media library for use in emails, funnels, and websites

Redirect traffic from old landing pages to new ones with our redirection manager for all connected domains

Start designing from one of our proven landing page templates, inspired by Coworking SEO’s most successful campaigns


Manage opportunities with Flex Engine’s automatic pipeline management tools and CRM

Communities combine the affiliate portal, the course area, and the member portal in one place

Groups are the individual forum/discussion board aspect of communities and customer portals

Administer certificates after completion of courses, perfect for offering digital training on operating shared equipment

Build interactive courses and drip information to your members, great for hosting digital onboardings

Create automatically-graded quizzes inside of your course to ensure understanding before letting your members progress

Assessments let you capture written responses for your future grading inside of an online course

Allow members to leave comments in courses to foster an environment for effective community feedback


Manage opportunities with Flex Engine’s automatic pipeline management tools and CRM

Automatically or manually send review requests to boost Google Business Profile ratings and get more search traffic

Set and track monthly review targets for your community managers to ensure you accomplish your marketing goals

Sentiment Tracking analyzes customer feedback and public perception so you can create the perfect messaging

Review analytics help you understand how many reviews you’re getting and when they come in

Embed customizable review widgets on your site to showcase real-time customer reviews and boost credibility


Manage opportunities with Flex Engine’s automatic pipeline management tools and CRM

Connect Google Ads with your Flex Engine dashboard for the most accurate ROAs based on your real-time opportunity values

Connect Facebook Ads to Flex Engine for the most accurate ROAs based on your real-time opportunity values

The attributions report shows you exactly where your leads are coming from so you can double down on what’s working

The conversions report shows you when and where closed deals originated, so you know which channel is most effective

The source report shows you all of your referring domains, along with how many leads came from each

The call report shows you how many calls were picked up or missed, the average duration of your calls, and more

The agent/user report shows you which community managers are using the CRM most effectively and driving the most results

The appointment report helps you easily see how many appointments were booked and the outcomes of each


Manage opportunities with Flex Engine’s automatic pipeline management tools and CRM

Automatic email/sms compliance ensures your outbound communication has legally-required opt-out language (US only)

Turn this on to automatically associate Facebook or Instagram accounts to contacts with the same first and last name

Reduce bounce rate and improve deliverability by turning on email/sms verification before your first outbound message

Automatically send a text message to missed callers to capture leads before they call competing coworking spaces

Our credits system lets you only pay for the channels you actually use, so your email or text credits never go to waste

Add your team members to Flex Engine and customize their permissions to restrict access only to specific tools

Purchase a dedicated email domain to maximize your deliverability, recommended for sending to large contact lists

Customize which email domains are used for different use cases, such as in newsletters, bulk actions, and workflows, etc

Customize your reply-to email and setup automatic forwarding to sync your email with other tools and organize your inbox

Track a variety of email engagement and conversion metrics inside of Flex Engine’s powerful email campaign builder

Predict your delivery rate on your existing contact list before you send your first email

Automatically pause your email campaigns when higher-than-expected bounce rates are detected to protect future campaigns

Never lose track of a lead with built-in call tracking to make sure every detail is captured, without even trying

Reverse engineer a visitor’s referring site and activity on your website before they called using number pools

Discretetely notify your community manager about where a call is coming from before it connects using whisper messages

Never miss a call by ringing multiple community managers when calls come in and routing it to the first pickup

Communicate authority and trust to prospects with a verified caller ID that lists your coworking space name when calling

Monitor credit usage for VoIP numbers, bulk emails, and AI actions and top up your balance in the company billing tab

Regulatory bundles help coworking spaces outside the US and Canada remain compliant with B2B texting/calling rules

The A2P10DLC portal helps coworking spaces inside the US easily get approved for business texting

The Shaken/STIR portal helps you easily get a verified caller ID to display your coworking space name while calling

The CNAM portal helps you easily get a verified caller ID to display your coworking space name while calling

Engage with prospects on WhatsApp by adding on WhatsApp For Business with a direct integration inside Flex Engine

Custom field folders control the organization of contact fields on the individual contact level, organize to your liking

Custom values let you easily insert stored information, such as color codes, images, links, and text snippets

Lead scoring allows you to sort contacts by engagement and work the most active leads first

Host unlimited websites and marketing funnels inside Flex Engine by connecting your domains and publishing your sites

Easily manage your account connections in one place with our integrations portal in the settings tab

See all of your tags in one place using the tags manager, great for finding an old tag you made

Only assigned data is a permission you can enable to facilitate clearer multi-location lead management

AI Tools

Manage opportunities with Flex Engine’s automatic pipeline management tools and CRM

Flex Engine is the only coworking software to have AI-powered appointment booking and FAQ-answering with conversation AI

Ensure conversation AI always says the right thing by rating its responses and offering improvements that it will learn

Auto pilot mode allows conversation AI to automatically reply to leads without any approval from your community manager

Suggestive Mode offers smart reply hints to assist community managers with working leads just like it works in Gmail

Upload your most common FAQs to Flex Engine’s conversation AI and it will automatically answer them when prospects ask

Conversation AI can book appointments manually by reading your calendar times or automatically by sending a booking link

Train conversation AI on your business automatically by giving it a link to your website to analyze and learn from

Upload your own Q&A’s to ensure our AI has exact answers to specific questions like the Wi-Fi and printing instructions

Get your email campaigns and landing page copy done sooner by turning on our AI toolkit directly from the builder

Create new social posts and images for your websites/email campaigns using our AI toolkit to generate stunning images

Never forget to reply to reviews by using conversation AI to automatically reply on Google and Facebook

Find all previous AI generations in your settings so you can easily grab your favorite copy or images for later


Manage opportunities with Flex Engine’s automatic pipeline management tools and CRM

Built-in NPS campaigns allow you to track member satisfaction, and capture reviews/internal feedback based on sentiment

Our appointment funnel gets the leads that are already coming in to book tours and fill out a pre-visit questionnaire

Our membership upgrade funnel offers a low-commitment trial offer upfront and upsells a larger purchase after

Our advanced missed call text back varies the text based on time of day and pushes a ringless voicemail to the prospect

Our multi-step call sequence makes calling leads back easy by placing automatic call bridges at suggested intervals

Our automatic chat widget reply ensures that leads always get an immediate text back in case you’re unavailable to reply

Our dynamic lead assignment system assigns and re-assigns leads to the correct location once they are located

Take advantage of Flex Engine’s power dialer with manual actions for phone calls and text messages

Our administrative reporting system gathers data to determine which channels are most effective at an industry level

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